Cassandra Renée

As soon as Cassandra Renée played her first role, Merlin the Magician, she knew that building stories is what she lives for. In all possible forms; be it writing, acting filming or new media. By founding the Virtual Acting Institute ( she has created a place where she can undertake research, experiment and develop storiesContinue reading “Cassandra Renée”

My strange head

My strange head will be produced by the Virtual Acting institute and their partners. The project has been selected for IDFA Doclab Academy 2018 and is a work in progress. It’s the soul behind the Virtual Acting Institute ( . The focus is on believable characters, story and dialogue. We use the latest innovations suchContinue reading “My strange head”

Where it all started

While I was studying I came into contact with Intel. I had the change to make a 12 part series of short videos about Intel, and their products relevance for the gaming industry. So, we visited interesting developers, gaming competitions, and events like, DreamHack. I got to know the gaming industry better and learned theContinue reading “Where it all started”

Virtual Acting Institute

At the Virtual Acting Institute ( we teach the skills for the acting of the future and offer consultancy and training to create believable characters in immersive media: VR/AR/MR. Our mission is to share knowledge, to inspihre and bring people together. We want to offer a place where we can do research, discuss ethics andContinue reading “Virtual Acting Institute”

Poetry as escape

A picture is a poem without words – Horac In poetry, experimentation is encouraged; playing with the grammar/rules, seeking out the boundaries of expression, and the communication of feelings are all central. Writing and visualising stories in poetic form is simply something I cannot do without. It is a daily preoccupation, both on paper andContinue reading “Poetry as escape”