Immersive Film

Strange Head

Role: Writer-director, producer, actor.
Produced by Virtual Acting Studio.

Strange Head is a short film and accompanying immersive (volumetric) experience in room scale VR. In the VR experience we combine, the last technologies of volumetric capture (all actors are cinematic 3D models), photogrammetry and AI for intuitive interactivity. For more info;


Role: Writer-director, producer.
Produced by Purple Pill

April is a poetic piece, in 360 stereoscopic VR, that looks at loss and dealing with it. As a user you meet April in the age of 7, 11 and 17. Trough symbolic subjects the viewer starts time travelling and awakes in three different 360 worlds which represent different phases of dealing with loss.


Role: Writer- director.
Produced by Purple Pill.

Chameleon later re-christened, Phantasia, is an interactive VR experience that is now on permanent display at the EYE film museum (in Amsterdam, NL). There are four different stories that you are able to follow. Here we experimented with subconscious interactivity.

Superstrar VR

Role: VR producer, assistant director, actor.
Produced by Purple Pill and BIND
Superstar VR is a VR production by Bind and Steven Wouterlood in co-production with Purple Pill. My role was as advisor on script, direction and production for VR. I was also assistant director to Steven Wouterlood on set. The film premiered at the Cinekid festival and was also selected for the Interactive Gouden Kalf award. It went on to be shown at the IDFA festival and the Dutch Museum of Sound and the Moving Image (Beeld en Geluid).