My Strange Head

My strange head will be produced by the Virtual Acting institute and their partners. The project has been selected for IDFA Doclab Academy 2018 and is a work in progress. It’s the soul behind the Virtual Acting Institute ( . The focus is on believable characters, story and dialogue. We use the latest innovations such as volumetric video, photogrammetry, face tracking and motion capture, combined with motion picture and 3D animation.

‘My strange head’ is about a gifted/highly sensitive man, Nick, who tries to understand the ‘world’ and the emotional world of people. He does this by creating his own fantasy worlds, which he has done ever since he was a child. In this phase of his life, his fantasy world consists of holograms from different periods of time with different personalities and backgrounds. Whenever he encounters something difficult, he lets the holograms from his fantasy world talk to each other in his head to better understand things. The Viewers will walk around in Nick’s ‘head’ and will learn why the latest technology like VR/AR and AI offer a solution for his ‘strange head’, and what his wish for the future of mankind is.