2. Chameleon later re-christened, Phantasia, is an interactive VR experience that is now on permanent display at the EYE film museum (in Amsterdam, NL). There are four different stories that you are able to follow. Here we experimented with subconscious interactivity: during the experience eye-tracking is used to measure what you look at the longest, and that determines what happens in the next scene.

We also experimented with changing the setting from an animated VR environment to a 360 environment. And as user, you see the whole post production process play out in front of you.

What I loved about this production is that film and VR merge into one world. You get the chance to actually ´stand´ on a film set and to become a part of the story of Chameleon.

In this experience you follow successful Dutch filmmakers on set, such as: NAMES.

role: writer/director, produced by Purple Pill