April is a poetic piece in VR that looks at loss and dealing with it. It was the first VR film that we made with the Purple Pill team in 2015/2016. We worked out the entire process ourselves, working with a self-built camera, constructing a complete 360 set, learning stitching and endlessly experimenting with post production. The film took its toll in blood, sweat and tears and led us to a fundamental understanding of which disciplines are essential in VR production.

The intention was to play with the thoughts and feelings of our central character April, who we meet in 3 different phases of her life. We wanted to uncover how we could best blend fiction and reality and what we could achieve with the post production programme, Nuke; Joris Seghers clearly demonstrated his talent for post production here. It will long remain one of my favorite production experiences, because Purple Pill offered the space to completely let go creatively, to experiment and learn as a maker.

Role: writer/director/producer , produced by Purple Pill.