VR projects

Favourite projects

April is a poetic piece in VR that looks at loss and dealing with it. It was the first VR film that we made with the Purple Pill team in 2015/2016. We worked out the entire process ourselves, working with a self-built camera, constructing a complete 360 set, learning stitching and endlessly experimenting with post production. The film took its toll in blood, sweat and tears and led us to a fundamental understanding of which disciplines are essential in VR production.
role: writer/director/producer

Chameleon later re-christened, Phantasia, is an interactive VR experience that is now on permanent display at the EYE film museum (in Amsterdam, NL). There are four different stories that you are able to follow. Here we experimented with subconscious interactivity: during the experience eye-tracking is used to measure what you look at the longest, and that determines what happens in the next scene.
role: writer/director

Street Temptations – This script was based on the true story of a boy sentenced to a youth detention centre for a violent crime. Our starting point, was his quote: ´I would rather have a bloody nose than no friends´. Fighting among young people often arises from peer pressure and it isn´t always a young person’s personal choice. The experience was intended to stimulate dialogue around the subject and is being used in youth organisations. In this experience we played with light and dark, large and small spaces and contrast. Street Temptations was specially developed for garage 2020, an innovative organisation that tries to look at questions around youth support from a new perspective.
role: writer/director

Superstar VR is a VR production by Bind and Steven Wouterlood in co-production with Purple Pill. My role was as advisor on script, direction and production for VR. I was also assistant director to Steven Wouterlood on set. It was really interesting to be working at the crossroads of the Film and VR industries. Superstar VR premiered at the Cinekid festival and was also selected for the Interactive Gouden Kalf award. It went on to be shown at the IDFA festival and the Dutch Museum of Sound and the Moving Image (Beeld en Geluid).

I Am Not Home Video is a virtual translation of a selection of answering machine messages and one very special videotape that Bert Hana found in a second-hand store in France. It was in the IDFA doclab digital storytelling competition 2016.
role: producer

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